Pro Tools 12.5 가 공식 출시되었습니다. 그동안 이야기가 많이 있었어 Cloud Collaboration 신 기능과 여러가지 Bug Fix 를 담고 있는 업데이트 입니다.

Cloud Collaboration 은 자신의 프로툴스 세션을 로컬 하드 디스크가 아닌 아비드 클라우드에 저장하여 동시 최대 2명까지의 유저들과 함께 세션을 작업할 수 있는 기능 입니다. 저의 세션을 클라우드에 공유하면 다른 유저들이 세션에 녹음을 할 수도, 에디팅을 할 수도, 믹스를 할 수도 있는 것이죠. 멀리 떨어져있는 스튜디오간의 세션 공유가 아주 쉽게 이루어질 수 있다는 가능성을 가지고 있습니다.


단점이라고 한다면 3개 이상의 프로젝트 그리고 500MB 이상의 세션파일을 공유하고자 한다면 별도의 요금이 추가가 됩니다. 아직 개인적으로 12.5의 신 기능을 테스트해보지 못하였지만 만약 Cloud Collaboration 기능이 정말로 오류없이 작동만 한다면, 중간 가격인 월 10불이 아깝지 않을만한 기능이라고 생각합니다. 멀리 있는 세션맨 혹은 스튜디오와의 파일 공유에서 현제까지는 세션 파일을 별도의 클라우드에 올리고, 다른 스튜디오에서 다운을 받고, 녹음을 한 뒤, 다시 그쪽에서 올리고 (오디오 파일을 정리해서) 다운받고 하면서 흘러가는 엄청난 시간을 줄일 수 있기 때문이죠. 또한 공짜 버전의 500MB 가 적게 느껴질 수도 있지만 아비드에서는 클라우드에 저장이 되는 파일은 Lossless 파일 사이즈 컴프레션이 되기 때문에 현실적으로 3배 이상의 사이즈를 저장할 수 있다고 합니다.

처음에는 “이게 뭐지..?” 라는 반응으로 받아들인 Cloud Collaboration 기능 이지만, 전세계 어디서든 누구와든 협력하여 음악을 만들어 낼 수 있는 가능성을 제시하고 있는 기능이라고 생각합니다.

신 기능 이외에도 여러가지 버그 픽스가 추가가 되었습니다. 아래는 버그 픽스 리스트 전문 입니다.

OS X UI Sluggishness In Pro Tools

  • Fixed a set of severe UI sluggishness cases when using OS X El Capitan

Audio Bursts In Pro Tools

  • Fixed a noise burst that was reproduced and solved through steps provided by users from the Avid Pro Audio Community that could occur when playing back automation on non-HDX playback engines.

Video Engine Issues Fixed In Pro Tools

  • Improved some cases with delayed start of playback with AJA Kona card
  • Video frame movements no longer occur when stopping playback with Insertion Follows Playback enabled
  • Fixed a case where the video engine takes a long time to load on certain systems
  • It is now possible to import MXF OP1a created by Adobe Premiere
  • Fixed cases where imported DV Video started 3 frames earlier than the same video opened in QuickTime Player
  • Fixed several specific cases where Pro Tools would fail to import Apple ProRes files
  • Project Type is no longer incorrectly picked for video from AAFs which do not include the first cunk of MXF media
  • Optimized (sample mapped) video codecs such as DNxHD and AppleProRes will now show the appropriate checkbox on clips with 23.976 media.
  • Fixed a case where video playback failed to stop with audio and then looped indefinitely
  • Fixed a crash when cancelling an Online Bounce to QuickTime
  • Playing a single frame selection of H.264 video no longer causes “The Avid Video Engine was unable to stop” error followed by a Pro Tools hang
  • Audio MXFs created with AMIRA and F55 no longer import out of sync with video
  • Fixed a crash when the user clicks “OK” or “Cancel” in the QuickTime Settings window of the Bounce to QuickTime dialog
  • Pro Tools no longer throws errant “Some effects were ignored” messages when opening an AAF with rendered FX
  • Pro Tools no longer fails with the error “Unable to create thumbnails” after switching active video track in large sessions while the video track is set to Frames view
  • Importing a sequence from Interplay no longer fails for 720p59 and 1080p59 project types

Track Freeze Issues Fixed In Pro Tools 12.5

  • A Freeze operation no longer fails if the track selection contains a combination of tracks hosting a ReWire plug-in and other tracks
  • Fixed a case where HEAT processing would be applied twice on frozen tracks after deactivating and reactivating HEAT globally
  • The HEAT Bypass switch is no longer auto-enabled when freezing or unfreezing a track
  • The “Coalesce VCA Master Automation” command can now be undone properly on frozen tracks
  • Frozen tracks are no longer imported twice when using Import Session Data when the Tempo/Meter Map option is checked
  • The “Coalesce VCA Master Automation” command no longer fails if all members of the group are frozen
  • Fixed cases where the global settings of HEAT would not be applied correctly when any frozen tracks were present in the session
  • MIDI Track Offsets are no longer editable for Instrument Tracks while they are frozen
  • Nudging of automation that is not “frozen” on frozen tracks is no longer blocked
  • The commands in the “Cut Special” and “Automation” sub-menus of the Edit menu are no longer blocked for selections on frozen tracks
  • Fixed graphical issues that occurred while Freezing a track in Playlists track view
  • Fixed a case where MIDI notes assigned to a ReWire instrument on an Aux track would all play at once when unfreezing the Aux

Track Commit Issues Fixed In Pro Tools 12.5

  • Fixed a case where clips created by using Track Commit to commit an Edit Selection were placed incorrectly
  • Fixed a crash when enabling the Follow Main Pan option on a track created by a Track Commit operation
  • Fixed a hang that occurred after committing a track with a DownMixer plug-in on it and then removing the DownMixer plug-in
  • Fixed a hang that occurred after committing a track with a D-Verb plug-in on it and then removing the D-Verb plug-in
  • Fixed cases where the names of clips on committed tracks would inherit names from clips on other tracks that contributed in any way to the signal chain of the audio path committed

General Issues Fixed In Pro Tools 12.5

  • The Cut, Copy, and Paste Special sub-menus are no longer missing from the timeline context menu
  • Moving clips with the Object Grabber no longer causes the next mouse click to be ignored
  • Pro Tools counters no longer display “<Encoding string>” when changing counter type on OS X 10.8.5
  • Fixed a case where MIDI Output was not properly assigned when using Import Session Data with the Match Tracks setting for MIDI or Instrument tracks
  • The “Select Unused Ignores Parent Clip” option from the clip list is now checked by default
  • “Save Copy In..” no longer fails to include clips that are not on the timeline
  • VCA solo functionality is no longer deactivated after changing the group’s attributes to “Mix Only”
  • The Shift+R shortcut to record enable tracks no longer fails to record all tracks in a group
  • Fixed an error that caused the Copy to Send command to no longer be undoable
  • Fixed errors that prevented the Export Session Info command from capturing the format, stems and number of instances columns for plug-in details in the exported file
  • Fixed cases where width-changing plug-ins were over-allocated to DSP slots on HDX cards and caused processing errors
  • Fixed a crash when dragging and dropping audio files from the workspace while in Spot mode
  • Fixed a case where an audio file’s Date Modified attribute was not properly updated after destructive processing when stored on ISIS
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when closing
  • The “Coalesce VCA Master Automation” command no longer fails if the group is deactivated

Control Surfaces

  • Plug-in windows no longer fail to open when pressing the Dyn, EQ, or Insert buttons on the S6 CPM while the “Open Plug-Ins on Workstation When Editing” setting is enabled
  • Selecting a track in Pro Tools no longer auto-scrolls to the top when selecting past the bank limits of the attached EUCON control surface