Pro Tools 12.4 의 다운로드 링크가 활성화가 되었습니다. 이제 Avid My Account 에서 다운로드를 받을 수 있으며, Avid Application Manager 를 여시면 Pro Tools 12.4 로 업데이트를 할 수 있게 되었습니다

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Pro Tools 12.4 는 Track Freeze 기능을 담고 있습니다. CPU 를 급하게 빨리 확보해야 할 때 Track Freeze 를 통하여 플러그인 및 가상 악기의 cpu 점유를 잠시 얼릴 수 (freeze) 있는 것이 이번 12.4 업데이트의 주요 핵심 기능 입니다.

뿐만 아니라 12.4 Release Note 를 보면 많은 버그 픽스가 있기 때문에 권장을 하는 업데이트 입니다.

12.4 Release Notes


Track Freeze

  • Offline Bounce post Plug-in audio from selected Instrument, Aux Input, or Audio Tracks directly in-place on the source track and deactivate plug-ins to reduce system usage
  • Freeze up to any point within the plug-in processing chain, rendering audio through one or more Inserts in while leaving those after it active for further mix adjustment
  • Continue to automate and mix on frozen tracks – all track parameters like volume, mute, and send settings remain editable while tracks are Frozen, along with the parameters and automation for any plug-ins that remain unfrozen
  • By default tracks are frozen up to the last used insert; no need to unfreeze a track before adding new Plug-ins to refine your mix
  • Easily Freeze all used outputs of a multi-out virtual instrument with intelligent detection of all tracks receiving plug-in output stems from a track that is to be frozen
  • Waveforms appear on Frozen Aux and Instrument Tracks; Instrument Tracks continue to show MIDI note source material beneath the waveform
  • Regenerate missing rendered frozen files:  if all required plug-ins and source audio files are found when opening a session, you may choose to automatically regenerate all missing Frozen audio.

Fade Workflows

  • Added Keyboard Shortcuts for Crossfade In and Crossfade Out settings in the Batch Fade Dialog
  • Crossfade In
  • Option-Left/Right = Crossfade Menu Options (Alt + Left/Right on Windows)
  • Option-Up/Down = Shape (Alt + Up/Down on Windows)
  • Crossfade Out
  • Shift + Option-Left/Right = Crossfade Menu Options (Shift + Alt + Left/Right on Windows)
  • Shift + Option-Up/Down = Shape (Shift + Alt + Left/Right on Windows)
  • Simplified Keyboard Shortcuts for Fade to Start and Fade to End, removing redundant commands
  • Fade to Start = Ctrl + D (Win + D on Windows)
  • Fade to End = Ctrl + G (Win + G on Windows)
  • Removed support for the redundant Option/Alt+D and Option/Alt+G instances of these key commands

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a case where QuickTime movies bounced from Pro Tools display a different first frame when opened in other video applications
  • Timeline selections that would round up to the next frame are now rounded down to the beginning of the currently shown frame when Bouncing to QuickTime, fixing certain cases where the frame after the frame shown was used as the first bounced frame in the resulting file
  • Fixed a case where Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy) video could not be played back
  • Importing a sequence referring to chunked MXF media no longer fails to reference chunks past #1 or link to media as expected
  • Fixed a case where using multiple bounce sources during a Bounce to QuickTime operation would create multiple QuickTime files instead of a single multichannel QuickTime file


  • Fixed cases where MIDI track parameter and MIDI CC automation lane layouts were forgotten in the MIDI Editor Window
  • The last used MIDI Import Options settings are remembered between sessions
  • Fixed a case where the wrong MIDI node is indicated as in-use in the track MIDI Output menu if there is a multi-port MIDI node in the session
  • Playback starts correctly from the Play Start Marker after using the grabber tool to move the timeline selection in Dynamic Transport mode


  • Dashboard is now correctly bypassed when all Pro Tools import settings are set in Interplay Administrator, and a sequence is imported from Interplay Access

Control Surfaces

  • Switching from Playlists to Waveform track view while waveforms are displayed on an S6 no longer causes graphical artifacts in Pro Tools
  • Layouts saved into the Pro Tools session are no longer erased if the session is saved while the EUCON surface is detached from the workstation

I/O Setup

  • Fixed a case where signal sent directly to the LFE subpath of a surround bus could reach the L and R channels of the bus
  • When creating sessions from saved I/O Settings files, Output paths that are wider than the current hardware output channel count will no longer fail to be created
  • Fixed a case where newly created sub-paths for Busses are named and routed incorrectly
  • Pressing the “R” key in the I/O setup window with “Apply to all tabs” enabled correctly runs the Restore From Session command for all tabs
  • Restore From Session can no longer be triggered repeatedly by pressing the “R” key when the button is greyed out


  • Fades are now correctly applied across multiple tracks using fade key commands
  • Fade curve setting no longer reverts to a previous fade curve selection when applying fades
  • Command Focus fade shortcut “f” no longer fails to follow the saved millisecond value in the Fades dialog
  • Default fade type settings have been changed back to the original values of Standard shape and Equal Gain slope
  • Clicking and Dragging in the waveform preview area of the Fade-In dialog no longer resets the fade shape


  • Fixed offsets in the HEAT Drive and Tone knob that caused a different processing value than that displayed in the UI.
  • Fixed a case where toggling a plug-in’s processing type from Native to DSP when inserted on an Aux Input track could cause gaps at the end of a Destructive Punch pass if the signal being recorded was passing through that plug-in
  • Fixed cases where standard Bounce to Disk would render an extra minute of unneeded audio if no Timeline Selection was made
  • Fixed a case where playback intermittently failed to start after holding down FF or RW in Center Playhead scrolling mode
  • Track selection is no longer lost after performing an Export Selected Tracks as New Session
  • Audition Meter in the Import Audio and Workspace Browser windows no longer displays signal while not passing audio
  • Insert position for plug-in auxiliary output stem sources are now properly displayed in the track Input Path selector when the host plug-in is inserted on Insert F-J
  • Separating a looped clip that contains a sync point no longer causes an unwanted trim on each looped segment
  • The Metadata Inspector window’s scrollbar is no longer displayed as inactive when closing and re-opening the window
  • Zoom setting correctly blinks when Cmd+ or Ctrl+ clicking to set zoom memory

Crashes and Errors – Please continue submitting crash logs!

  • Fixed a crash on launch affecting certain Active Directory configurations when logged into Windows as a Domain User
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when creating multiple new tracks of different types
  • Fixed a case where importing certain clip groups could crash Pro Tools
  • Fixed a crash that could occur instantiating many plug-ins simultaneously in 192 kHz sessions
  • Fixed a case where Pro Tools would crash when deleting busses in the I/O Setup window
  • “Commit Up to This Insert” operations that cause the maximum track count to be exceeded are stopped with a dialog box instead of crashing Pro Tools

Clip Transparency

  • Fixed a problem drawing the left channel of a stereo file when promoting clips to alternate playlists
  • Fixed cases where Warp Markers may not be drawn while moving clips
  • Moving clip groups between tracks with different Time Base settings no longer causes an assertion error
  • Appearance of MIDI clips and notes are now more consistent at different zoom levels
  • The clip gain line is no longer revealed when moving clips on tracks set to micro or mini track height
  • Clip transparency now works correctly when trimming in both directions using the bi-directional trimmer (holding Cmd or Ctrl and trimming overlapped clips)
  • Color inversion is more consistent when starting to move or release a clip
  • Fixed clip gain line inconsistencies when trimming clips at the sample zoom level
  • Crossfades of different lengths are no longer improperly aligned while dragging with the object grabber
  • Fixed visual glitching of MIDI clips when trimming clip boundaries
  • Clip UI generated by Beat Detective no longer remains in timeline areas that are revealed by trimming
  • MIDI clips are no longer duplicated unnecessarily when moved between tracks of different Time Base
  • Fades no longer resize unexpectedly when letting go of the mouse after moving across a tempo change
  • Fade shape is no longer incorrectly displayed when moving across a tempo change
  • Creating a fade during playback no longer causes the playhead to disappear from the edit screen
  • Fixed cases where clip gain line failed to appear correctly when trimming clips at certain zoom levels
  • MIDI notes displayed in adjacent clips no longer appear to be incorrectly affected by trimming looped MIDI clips
  • Waveforms are no longer incorrectly updated when creating fades across grouped tracks
  • Fixed cases where clip boundaries would be drawn incorrectly when sliding fades
  • Waveforms within Fade-Ins are no longer hidden when dragging across a tempo change
  • Purple borders indicating the edit selection shown when  dragging a clip are no longer distorted when moving a fade across a tempo change


  • The “Transparency” option in the Clip menu is now localized
  • Fixed alignment of translated strings for the Default Format and Path Order elements in I/O Setup
  • Fixed clipping of localized strings in the Metadata Inspector window when shrunk to narrowest width