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Pro Tools 12.3 가 지난 139번째 AES 컨벤션에서 처음 등장을 한 것에 이어, 오늘 정식으로 12.3 버전이 출시되었습니다.


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Avid Account Manger 에 들어가시면 Pro Tools 와 Pro Tools First 모두 12.3 버전이 올라와 있는 것을 보실 수 있습니다. Update 버튼을 눌러 간단하게 업데이트를 누르셔서 업데이트를 진행하시면 됩니다.



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이번 업데이트는 여러가지 크고 작은 기능들의 향상이 되었습니다. 그 동안 수많은 유저들이 원했던 Track Freeze 와 비슷한 Commit Track 이 등장하였습니다.



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또한 왜 이제야 가능한 것이 의아할 정도로 필요했던 “Clip Transparency” 즉 클립을 움직일때 클립의 위치가 투명하게 보이는 것, 또 한 뒤에 Grid 라인도 함꼐 보이는 기능이 드디어 생겼습니다.



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Batch Fader 의 등장으로 Fade 의 옵션이 굉장히 다양해 지면서 사실 Pro Tools 가 가지고 있는 Fade 의 약한 부분이 앞으로 더욱 더 향상될 가능성을 제기하는 좋은 업데이트가 되었습니다.

프로툴스 12 유저분들에겐 무료 업데이트니 주저말고 업데이트를 하시길 권장합니다. 물론, 아주 중요한 프로젝트를 진행하고 계시다면 프로젝트를 끝내고 업데이트 하는 것이 언제나 현명한 방법입니다.

프로툴스 12.3은 아직 Mac OSX 앨 케피탄을 ‘공식’ 지원하지 않고 있습니다. 프로툴스 유저분들은 아직 앨케피탄으로 OSX 업그레이드를 하지 않는 것이 좋습니다.

아래는 Pro Tools 12.3 Release Note 입니다. 단순히 신기능 한 두개를 더한 것이 아닌 많은 버그 픽스와 변화가 있는 것을 보실 수 있습니다.

12.3 Release Notes

New Enhancements to Pro Tools


  • Commit runs an on or offline bounce of post Plug-In audio from selected Instrument, Aux Input, MIDI*, or Audio Tracks and automatically drops rendered audio “in place” on a new Audio Track. (*MIDI tracks can only be committed if they feed a Virtual Instrument or other internal MIDI node)
  • Commit up to any point in the plug-in processing chain so that only certain inserts are processed into the rendered audio and others are copied as-is to the committed track
  • Commit a specific edit selection or entire tracks from first clip to the last processed sample
  • Optionally commit a single consolidated file or process clip by clip with auto-tail logic to extend clip boundaries only as long as needed to capture signal above -144 dBFS
  • Optionally render in Pan and/or Volume and Mute automation when committing audio to create pre- or post-fader and pre- or post-pan renders
  • Optionally copy Sends and Group assignments to committed tracks
  • Source track options allow the source tracks of a commit operation to be Hidden and Made Inactive, just Made Inactive, Deleted (which can be undone), or kept active.
  • Easily commit all used outputs of a multi-out virtual instrument with intelligent detection of all tracks receiving the split audio signals

Drag and Drop MIDI to Audio

  • Based on the Commit feature, midi clips can be dragged from an Instrument track to an Audio track of the same width (i.e. Stereo Instrument to Stereo Audio) to automatically render a recorded MIDI performance to audio

Track Bounce

  • Bounce direct out audio from Master Fader, Instrument, Aux Input, or Audio Tracks with additional format options to create deliverable stems of one, many, or all audio producing tracks in a session
  • Optionally render in Pan and/or Volume automation during Track Bounce to create pre or post fader and pre or post pan bounces.
  • When rendering pan automation, multiple output assignments will automatically be bounced as well, creating one file per rendered width.

Fade Workflow Improvements

  • Batch Fade window has been updated to allow control and application of Fade in, Fade out and Crossfades on selected clips.
  • Batch Fade window now allows you to independently adjust the shape of a fade without adjusting its length
  • All Fade windows now have preset functionality (Quick Recall/Save and File based).
  • Fade in, Fade out, Crossfade and batch fade commands along with Quick recall fade presets are now Eucon commands.
  • “Auto Accept Adjust Bounds” Editing Preference automatically dismissed the adjust bounds dialog when creating crossfades

Clip Transparency

  • Waveforms and MIDI notes are now visible while editing audio and MIDI clips on the timeline
    • Enabled by default as a clip view option under View > Clip > Transparency
  • Fades created in the edit window with the smart tool show waveform changes in real time
  • Waveforms update underneath fade clips as they are moved
  • Waveforms in clips on Tick Based Audio Tracks with Elastic Audio enabled update correctly in real time when moving over tempo changes

Pitch Shift Legacy AudioSuite

  • The Digirack version of the Pitch Shift Plug-in has been ported to AudioSuite.  This plug-in is well suited for post production dialog or sound design workflows. Pitch Shift Legacy uses a different algorithm than the Pitch II plug-in.

I/O Setup Default Path

  • IO Setup can now default mono paths for all inputs, outputs, and inserts.  This makes it much easier to setup direct output systems, where each track is mixed and summed outside of Pro Tools.
  • Pro Tools | HD can now default with alternate 7.1 path orders.

Control Surface Enhancements

  • Plug-in knob resolution improved for all EUCON surfaces
  • Support for S6 Master Joystick Module
  • Stereo pan linking and inverse functions are now available in the EUCON Pan knobset for Pro Tools
  • The layout of the EUCON Input knobset for controlling remote mic pres that are compatible with Pro Tools has been improved
  • Alert:
    • When using EuControl 3.3.1 or earlier, Pro Tools | Control, and Pro Tools 12.3 there is no stereo pan available in Pro Tools | Control for stereo tracks. Pan controls appear for mono tracks only. A shortly forthcoming EuControl release will address this issue

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • The “Select Unused” command now has an alternate mode called “Select Unused Ignores Parent Clip.” This can be set in the Clip List Menu under the Select sub-menu. When enabled, if a subclip is in use, the parent whole file clip will no longer be selected by the Select Unused command
  • Importing a MIDI file now lets you choose to create an Instrument Track or a MIDI track for the new track destinations of imported MIDI data
  • A “Glide Pan Only” command has been added to the Edit menu in the Automation sub-menu. This command allows easy gliding of only pan automation on multi-channel outputs without affecting other automation playlists. (HD Only)
    • Key Commands:
      • Mac: Ctrl+Shift+/
      • Win: Start+Shift+/

Bug Fixes


  • The freewheel setting no longer fails to apply to incoming MIDI Time Code
  • Transport Synchronization to incoming MIDI Time Code no longer fails in sessions with large system delay
  • Delay compensation for recorded MIDI data is now more accurate when simultaneously recording MIDI to an Instrument track and bus-recording audio generated by the triggered Virtual Instrument
  • After inputting MIDI notes using the Step Input Event Operations window, the destination track selection persists. The edit insertion is no longer reset to the previous track selection
  • Peaks on MIDI volume meters can now be cleared
  • In-use MIDI output paths no longer fail to appear yellow in MIDI output path selector menus
  • Fixed a case where MIDI output paths adjacent to the desired path would be assigned in the output path selector menu when mouse clicking
  • SysEx is no longer incorrectly checked when clicking the Pan Controller check box in the MIDI Input Filter window

Post Production

  • Paddling a track to input with the PD-1 on HD Native systems no longer fails to pass audio after punching out of destructive record
  • Fixed a delay in input monitor switching when paddling between input and playback using the PD-1
  • Playing back a selected range of the timeline no longer leaves video hardware output on the last frame of the selection when playback stops. The video output now correctly displays the first frame of the timeline selection, matching the insertion timecode value in Pro Tools.
  • AAFs with AMA Linked audio no longer duplicate audio from the first track across other imported tracks
  • Import Session Data no longer fails when importing or consolidating from only some channels of a poly WAV file


  • Prunus created AVC-I video media now plays back properly


  • Glide automation no longer creates an incorrect anchor breakpoint at the end of a glide
  • Fixed a failure when applying batch crossfades that could cause the first and last clip boundaries to be omitted from the operation
  • Fixed a case where fades were not always created with the shape specified in the fades dialog
  • Moving a clip over a crossfade on another clip no longer causes graphical glitches
  • Object selected clips are no longer de-selected after renaming
  • The Clip menu Rename command and corresponding keyboard shortcut no longer fail to open the rename dialog for a selected clip that is not visible in the clips list


  • Settings in the Bounce to Disk dialog are now remembered according to the following rules
    • All bounce settings persist between launches, per session, including Bounce Source. A session’s own bounce settings will always be recalled when swapping between sessions
    • File type, Bit Depth, Sample Rate, and Directory settings default to match current session settings when creating a new session except Format which defaults to Interleaved
    • Any changes to these new session defaults are stored with the session
    • All check boxes in the format section are stored as system settings
    • Bounce Settings are not Playback Engine specific. If a bounce source is not available for any reason, it will be silently removed from the list
    • Regarding other bounce types:
      • Bus Bounce: All settings should persist, except the bounce source, which is remembered independently per bounce type
      • Track Bounce: All settings should persist, except the bounce source
      • Commit: Only the last used Offline check box setting is used or stored
  • QuickTime bounce in and out points are now adjusted to include the entire shown frame if a partial-frame timeline selection is made
  • Fixed a case where quicktime movies bounced from Pro Tools display a different in point in other video applications
  • Fixed a case where AAE error -9173 occurs during an online bounce in a 192 kHz session
  • Fixed a case where AAE error -9173 occurs during a multi-output online bounce to QuickTime

Clip Indication

  • Peak indicators work properly in the Edit window
  • Output meter now properly indicates clip indication.
  • Clip hold setting is no longer incorrectly overridden by the Peak hold setting
  • Clear All Clip Indicators command works properly for all track types to clear peaks as well as clips

I/O Setup

  • Round tripping sessions will now prefer the previous bus-to-output mapping over the monitor path
  • Fixed a case where the default bus for a main output path may not be created

Avid ISIS Performance

  • Pro Tools sessions with thousands of audio files stored on Avid ISIS no longer consume excessive bandwidth
  • Fixed a case where copying files from Avid ISIS via Import Audio or Save Copy In would result in error “Result too large (34)”

Crashes and Errors – Please continue submitting crash logs!

  • Fixed a crash that could occur in some cases when exporting selected tracks as new AAF/OMF when multiple track types were selected
  • Fixed a crash when right clicking on a clip in the clips list if a fade is selected in the timeline
  • Fixed a crash selected start or end time in the Insert Time dialog
  • Fixed a crash disabling EUCON
  • Fixed a crash moving an insert from an Instrument to an Audio track
  • Fixed a crash when navigating the MIDI Event list with VoiceOver
  • Fixed a crash dragging and dropping an audio file to Pro Tools from a Finder window when using a EUCON control surface
  • Fixed a crash importing split poly WAV files that have more than one channel name defined
  • Fixed a crash trying to remove a clip group from a session
  • Fixed a case where corrupted preference files caused Pro Tools to crash during launch

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Pressing Alt+Tab no longer fails to switch windows when Pro Tools is focused (Windows 8)
  • Import Session Data no longer excludes multiple output routings on tracks
  • Groups with no attributes no longer acquire invalid Volume, Mute, and Automation mode attributes when re-opening a session
  • Fixed a case where sends would incorrectly switch to pre-fader on session load
  • Fixed a benign Installer error indicating that Setup Launcher Unicode has stopped working (Windows)
  • The Plug-ins Unused folder no longer fails to be created on first launch of a fresh Pro Tools install
  • Fixed a case where the Show All or Show All Audio Tracks commands failed to show expected tracks
  • Pro Tools | Control: Group indication is correctly displayed for new tracks
  • Import Audio command no longer fails to complete with an assertion error on (OS X 10.11)
  • Shutdown or Restart is no longer prevented by the Avid Core Audio plug-in installed by the HD Driver on (OS X 10.11)

Metadata Inspector

  • Fixed a case where text entry fields could not be accessed
  • Fixed the placement of localized strings in the Metadata Inspector window
  • Labels are de-selected when changing focus or creating a new label

Accessibility and Localization

  • Plug-in automation is now properly written when using VoiceOver
  • The comments field in the Mix and Edit windows is now accessible
  • Accessibility of the File type pop-up menu in the Dashboard follows the File Type static label
  • Improved accessibility of Templates list in the Dashboard
  • Improved Japanese translations in the Compact Clip dialog
  • Improved the alignment of Japanese localized strings in the Export dialog
  • Improved the alignment of Japanese localized strings in the Operation tab of the Preferences window
  • “New Label” tooltip in the Metadata Inspector window is now localized
  • Added various missing translations of recently added items in the Preferences window
  • Corrected the display of Traditional Chinese and and Simplified Chinese localized strings in the Installer EULA